Handmade bicycle accessories for Dreamers, Wanderers & GypSea’s like you!

Handmade Bicycle Accessories

 From a morning at the market, lunch with the girls or a ride to the beach, GypSea Blue has got you covered! 

Basket Liner Beach Bags, Handlebar Crossbody Bags, stylish Seat Covers, Cruiser Wristlets  and Hand-Painted Bells – GypSea Blue has the bicycle accessory to make your life easier, and make your bike more functional & most importantly, super cute! 


Handmade bicycle accessories for the Dreamers, Wanderers and GypSea’s like you!

Bicycle Accessories

Basket Liner Beach Bag


 Don’t let your stuff fall out of your Bicycle Basket – keep it safe in a Handmade Basket Liner Bag! Designed to be functional and stylish - It’s a Basket Liner that converts to a Beach Bag. 

Beach Cruiser Seat Cover


 Designed for comfort, style and fun, these bicycle seat covers add a bit of color, cuteness and character to your beach cruiser.   Don’t let the sun make your seat too hot to handle, cover it with a cute cotton terry seat cover. 

HandleBar CrossBody Bag


 No basket?  No worries!  Hello Handlebar CrossBody Bag!   This cute Multi-Tasker bag -  clips on to your handlebars and then converts to a CrossBody Bag with a simple attachable strap.

Handpainted Bike Bells


 Ding Dong jumbo bike bells are all unique, one of a kind, hand painted designs, made to encourage you to hop on your bike & enjoy the ride. 

Cruiser Wristlet


This new Cruiser Wristlet clips to your handlebars, or anywhere else really, and features a safe zipper pouch to hold your essentials.  Perfectly small, perfectly cute, & fun!

Custom Trike Accessories


Custom Trike accessories now available!  Rear Basket Liners and Seat Covers are the must have Trike Accessory.  Just send us an email request!